What is Chamber Music Express?

Music for bumblebees mixes nicely with Beethoven. Vivaldi's Seasons are irresistible, especially when they share a program with a fox trot called Fiddlin' the Fiddle. Chamber Music Express brings classical music and stories about the composers to schools and libraries in the children's own neighborhoods. As they get a close-up view of musical instruments, the vibrant sounds create an enriching environment for their imaginations. 

How the instruments produce sounds is a fascinating topic for any future engineers in the audience. What do composers do for hobbies and recreation; who had senses of humor, and who liked to play practical jokes? The young musicians in the audience can relate to our experiences with practicing, orchestra playing, playing from memory, and competitions. For the children who like to know about the nuts and bolts of writing music, we share the magic of scales, melodies, rhythm, and harmony, how they all fit together, and the wonderful feelings they inspire. 

Since musical tastes vary widely within each audience, Chamber Music Express features many different styles on one program. Johann Sebastian Bach, Scott Joplin, and Dmitri Shostakovich may share top billing with the lighter music of Orange Blossom Special, Leroy Anderson's Fiddle Faddle, and The Hot Canary

Each program is filled with exciting rhythms and melodies of irresistible charm. Children learn the most valuable lesson that music education can teach, that classical music makes them want to sing, dance, and know more about the composers who created something so beautiful. The music and the anecdotes about the composers are a perfect recipe for preparing children to appreciate and enjoy music.

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